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About usPizza Rapid's well-trained team create magic in our kitchen and have it delivered straight to your door. Pizza Rapid is a great place to enjoy authentic Burgers & Chicken, Kebab, Pizza. What’s the point of offering a unique and different range of food, if the delivery experience isn’t equally as fresh and on time? Make tonight a easy night in and pick up some authentic Burgers & Chicken, Kebab, Pizza takeaway fromPizza Rapid.

Delivery areas

  • Free delivery for orders over £15.00
  • We deliver to postcodes:
    • OX1 Oxford
    • OX2 Oxford
    • OX3 Oxford
    • OX33 Oxford
    • OX4 Oxford
    • OX44 Oxford


  • Nice Pizza, delivered quickly by a friendly driver. Perfect!

    G Dec 19, 2012 rating 5
  • Food of the usual decent standard but order confirmed at 16.37 saying food due by 17.40. Had not arrived by 17.50. I rang and was told the oven had broken but they were 'just leaving'. The man gave us a free bottle of pop to make up for it but food did not arrive until 18.15. Not the first time our order has taken ages, it often takes over an hour but I order early to make allowance. Disappointing.

    Sarah Mar 16, 2013 rating 3
  • Great, they take care of problems really well.

    Laura Jan 14, 2013 rating 4.3
  • Very slow delivery... took over 1.5hours. food was tasty although there was very little topping on the pizza. They bought a diet coke instead of normal coke but the friendly staff corrected it by getting a bottle of normal coke from a local shop.

    Michael Mar 23, 2013 rating 2.3
  • First time i used app. Waited for hour and 20 minutes and food still didnt arrive... Not even close to ASAP let alone Rapid. (Pun intended). What a joke of a place.. Hour and a half on a Tuesday dinner time is not acceptable.. Will seriously think twice about using app again and WON'T BE CALLING RAPID AGAIN

    Danny Feb 5, 2013 rating 1
  • Been using Pizza Rapid regularly since moving to Oxford. Their Pizza's have nice base with a good balance of toppings and don't cost a fortune. Service is always speedy and deliver out to me with 30 minutes.

    Bryn Jul 8, 2012 rating 4.7
  • We've ordered several times from this company. I had presumed I had ordered too late for the teatime rush and that was why our food was taking so long to arrive. This time I ordered just after 4.30pm on a Saturday, surely not peak time? I have now had the same excuse twice in a row - that the ovens didn't heat up and that's why it took two hours to get three pizzas less than 2 miles. I had a lovely man refund me £5 and explain very politely about the problem with the order of switching on the ovens but it really isn't good enough. Nice people and good pizzas but definitely not 'Rapid' as your name would suggest. I'm afraid I'll be taking my custom elsewhere until things improve. Sorry guys.

    Sarah Apr 13, 2013 rating 2.7


Pizza Rapid's opening hours:
Sun - Sat:
14:00 - 02:00